Rotopark     the safest and most hassle free parking experience
Due to the renewed demand for the Rotopark, we are doing new developments at this time. Movie: Complete original movie filmed at the Geneva airport site.

From the construction stage to full operation.

Watch cars parked without human intervention! Complete 1984 catalog (PDF) Cabin entrances Safe, clean, quick and environment’s friendly...
The construction of multi-floor car parks in concentrated urban areas is no longer profitable and today’s public is unwilling to sacrifice green zones to parking demands.

Rotopark with its entirely new and original conception of mechanized car park, solves today’s urban parking crisis.

Parking capacity is 30-60% greater than todays best conventional ramp system.
Exceptional ease of use. The driver takes the car into the box-cabin himself and leaves it there. Rotopark does the rest, quickly and efficiently, at a cost lower than todays “old fashioned” parking!

The very conception of Rotopark ensures absolute security. The spacious cabins are brightly illuminated at ground level, and are electronically controlled. As for the car itself, it is in exclusive contact with its selected platform on which it reposes during the entire parking period. All possibility of theft or damage is excluded as the car cannot be approached. Also the car stays in a climate controlled environment and is not exposed to any harsh conditions.
Safe, clean, quick, environment friendly and affordable, Rotopark is todays winning solution to the ever present car parking crisis! Complete original US catalog (PDF)